ServersCheck Network & Server Monitoring Software

ServersCheck Monitoring Software v11.0.2

Monitoring with 60+ check types like SNMP & many more to do:
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Systems & Server Monitoring
  • IaaS / PaaS (Amazon AWS Cloud) Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring

  • email
  • SMS: get alerts even when the network is down

  • Real-time & ad-hoc trend analysis graphs
  • Static status reports published via FTP or scheduled email broadcast
  • Inbound SMS status reports & commands

    Automatic Corrective actions:
  • Restart services & servers
  • Custom scripts & applications (even remotely via SMS)

  • Customers include


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    We speak your language

    The ServersCheck Monitoring Software is available in 14 different languages: English, Français, Español, Italiano, Português, Deutsch, Nederlands, 中文 (Simplified and Traditional Chinese), 한국어, 日本語, עברית, العربي, اردو, Русский , ภาษาไทย

    infrastructure monitoring

    ServersCheck introduces Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM) features in its award winning Monitoring Software. DCIM allows server room & data center managers to monitor their room's environment and visually detect opportunities to save on one of the biggest costs they face: cooling and its energy bill.

    As one of the few vendors in the market ServersCheck combines a complete monitoring software with environmental sensors enabling a complete solution to monitor the infrastructure. With a price tag making it affordable to any small and medium company. Even for large organizations.

    IaaS / PaaS (Amazon AWS) monitoring

    Amazon AWS is the largest player in the market for Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service.

    With ServersCheck you can now monitor from within the software key metrics for your Amazon Compute, Load Balancers and RDS databases.

    network monitoring

    With ServersCheck's Monitoring Software users can monitor the network layer of server rooms & data centers. Network Performance has a direct impact on application availability and subsequently productivity.

    As stated by Gartner, the network layer is typically monitored for application performance in terms of bandwidth and latency. ServersCheck's Monitoring Software has built-in checks that allow you to monitor, report and alert on those key metrics.

    systems monitoring

    Next to monitoring the infrastructure & network layers in a server room or DC, ServersCheck's Monitoring Platform can also be used to monitor the systems running in your environment: physical, virtual or cloud based.

    With ServersCheck one can easily monitor the hardware layer (network interfaces, disks, ...), the operating system layer (CPU, memory, event logs, ...) and the software application layer (services, processes, ...).

    application monitoring

    ServersCheck can monitor the availability and performance of applications no just by monitoring the infrastructure, network and hardware they run on but also from an application view.

    A major international airline relies on ServersCheck to monitor their online reservations. Does the web front-end work? Do the servers supporting the web server operate normally? Does the database server cluster perform normally? Is data being recorder like expected? And much more. All from one single platform: ServersCheck.

    monitor from anywhere

    The ServersCheck Monitoring Software can be accessed via a browser or any smartphone (iPhone, Android or Blackberry). With our new toolbar you can now also keep an eye on the Monitoring Software will focusing on other tasks. The toolbar has been designed for Firefox and is available for free. With ServersCheck you can keep your eyes off the glass as recommended to Gartner during their 2012 Data Center Summit. Installation instructions can be found here


    unique alerting capabilities

    if you follow Gartner's recommendation to better utilize the resources which are currently just watching screens in a NOC, then this can only work with proper alerting & notification.

    ServersCheck beats many of its competitors in this field as most of them fail in this critical job as soon as there is a network failure. ServersCheck can directly from the appliance send out alerts via SMS using a GSM modem. That way you get notified even when your mail server or network is down. It is a must have feature for any SysAdmin.

    ServersCheck Monitoring Features

    FREE for small deployments
    The ServersCheck Monitoring Software is available as a freeware for monitoring up to 50 monitors after registration. No time limit. You can use it for as long as you want. To get it, just download it here. Need to monitor more than 100 items? Then you can get the software as an appliance (software preloaded on small PC with 3G modem for SMS alerting) or as a download version.

    Alerting you even when your network is down
    SMS or cell phone text messaging alerting ensures you to be notified of problems even when your TCP/IP network is down. SMS (text messages) alerts are sent using the included modem over the mobile cell phone network. In the US it works with AT&T or T-Mobile.
    ServersCheck Monitoring Software
    The core of our Monitoring Solution is the award winning ServersCheck Monitoring Software. This software enables you to monitor any networked device for its availability and performance. It is agentless: no need to have agents installed on the remote systems being monitored. It can run on your own Windows system or you can get it as a box: the ServersCheck Monitoring Appliance.

    Autodiscover devices
    ServersCheck will autodetect running servers, pc's and other equipment in your network by scanning it. Each device will be automatically checked through a PING check. You can add more checks to the discovered devices.
    Browser based
    The software is accessed using a browser or a mobile device (phone, PDA). This enables to have a view on your servers and network availability anywhere any time.
    It can run in HTTP or secure HTTPS mode.

    Environmental sensors
    ServersCheck's range of environmental sensors enables you to monitor your systems not only from the inside but also the conditions in which they operate. With the sensors, you can monitor temperature, humidity, flooding or power failure in your computer rooms. Read more
    The software does not require any software to be installed on the servers or other devices it monitors. It uses system native protocols such as TCP/IP, WMI, SNMP, etc... to query the devices. Only for monitoring *NIX based servers a free agent has to be installed on the remote systems.

    Available as an appliance
    Want everything in a box ready to go? The software is now available on a device. It's small. It's green. It's Plug&Play. It's affordable. Read more
    We speak your language
    The ServersCheck Monitoring Software can be installed in one of the 14 following languages: English, Français, Español, Italiano, Português, Deutsch, Nederlands, 中文 (Simplified and Traditional Chinese), 한국어, 日本語, עברית, العربي, اردو, Русский , ภาษาไทย

    1) Limited freeware: limited to monitor up to 50 sensors, features like SNMP Trap Receiver and others are disabled.
    2) Text content, sensor picture and screen captures of the software on this page may be reproduced under the GFDL license
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    Humidity Sensor
    Flooding / Water Sensor
    Power Failure Sensor
    Airflow Sensor
    Vibration Sensor
    Sound (db) Sensor
    Security Door Contact Sensor
    IO Dry Contact Sensor

    Expansion Modules:
    Sensor Hub
    Wireless Hub

    Infrastructure Monitoring
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